Choose natural...why wouldn't you?

Choosing natural skincare, as opposed to synthetic skincare, sounds like it 'could' be a good idea, but why???

~Gentler to your skin~

Chemical-based skincare products often contain harsh chemicals such as parabens, authentic foaming agents (sulphates), alcohol, as well as artificial fragrances and colours.  All of these ingredients have been proven to contribute to skin irritations and is even more likely for those who have existing skin sensitivities.  On the other hand, switching to natural skincare products ensures the vast majority of irritants are eliminated from your routine, therefore reducing the likelihood of flare-ups, redness and irritation.  The high level of antioxidant ingredients found in natural skincare products not only improves the overall appearance of the skin, but also feels and smells amazing due to the combination of natural plants and flowers.  

~Kinder to the environment~

Parabens and petrochemicals, often found in chemical-based skincare products, find their way into rivers, seas and soil and ultimately cause harm to wildlife and marine life.  Unlike lab-made chemicals, plant-based, naturally occurring ingredients found in natural skincare do not contribute to altering or polluting the environment. 

~No toxic chemicals~

We've all heard that our skin is the body's largest organ.  The job of this organ is to provide a barrier for preventing toxins to enter our body. While for the most part our skin does this job well, some toxins still manage to be absorbed and find their way into our system.  When considering some of the harmful ingredients included in many chemical-based skincare products, it is clear to see how our skincare choices can contribute to our overall health and wellbeing and why natural products just make more sense!


We are convinced natural is the way to go...are you?!?